North Carolina Child Only Health Insurance-Who still offers it?

As a parent or legal guardian trying to provide your children with an affordable health insurance option in 2012 is extremely difficult.

The reason is that since Pres. Obama initiated healthcare reform, one of the first things his administration did was to make children guaranteed issue for individual health insurance plans.

What guaranteed issue means is that if a North Carolina health insurance company were to issue a policy to your child, they could not exclude a conditions from being covered.

Since every health insurance carrier in North Carolina has to get approval from the state Department of Insurance on the Max premiums they can charge a client, they simply cannot offer a policy to children at a rate that would get approved by the state.

So what we have here is a situation where just about all of the most popular health plans in the state, dropped their child only health plan offerings.

The great news however is that Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina has come to the rescue, and is offering child only health plans once again.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina child only health insurance plans

Blue Cross allows you to sign your child up for any of their health plans that they offer individuals and families.

If you have more than one child you need a standalone policy for, you simply would need to complete a separate application for each child since they cannot be placed on the same plan together.

Remember any conditions that your child has been treated for in the past will be covered from day one, so the most important thing to do right now is to consult a local North Carolina health insurance broker to review which Blue Cross policy would be best for your child!

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