Best Individual Health Insurance in North Carolina


Who should purchase an individual North Carolina health insurance policy?

  • If work for yourself (self-employed).
  • If you work for a company that does not offer group health insurance benefits.
  • If you have benefits through work, but they don’t cover dependents.
  • You have benefits through work, however the premiums are too high.
  • You would like a portable health plan, with the peace of mind knowing that you have health coverage no matter where you work.

How do I figure out who has the Best Individual Health Insurance in North Carolina?

This is going to be dependent largely on your own personal situation.

Are you healthy and don’t take many medications?

Then you might want to look at a higher deductible option like an HSA qualified health plan since you don’t use many services. This will give you the peace of mind and protection of having a major medical health plan without the high costs.

Do you take any medications on an ongoing basis?

If so you will want to contact a local independent North Carolina health agent who can tell you what each carrier will do based on your health history.

Are there any doctors or medical providers that are deal breakers for you?

If you have a favorite doctor that must accept your new NC health plan, then you want to make sure the provider is in the network before you even start comparing plans.


Individual Health Insurance rates in North Carolina are based on you’re Age, zip code, gender, tobacco status and of course your health history going back to last 5 to 10 years. It’s important to consult a local independent agent, who can help you navigate the different health insurance carriers in North Carolina at absolutely no cost to you!

Blue Cross & Blue Shield Individual Health Insurance in North Carolina

The most popular provider of individual and family health insurance benefits in North Carolina without a doubt is Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina.

BCBSNC offers 3 different types of health programs:


This is benefit rich Cadillac plan. Low copayments for office visits and prescription drugs.
Blue Cross really puts you in the driver seat with this plan. You have many different options for medical and RX deductibles.
If you want to know exactly which out-of-pocket costs will be, then this is the plan for you.

BlueAdvantage Saver

The BlueAdvantage Saver plan is for those consumers who would like the BlueAdvantage series but can’t justify the higher premium.

So with this version of the BlueAdvantage series consumbers have a plan with limited office visits covered at a co-pay.

If you need more office visits it still covered at the negotiated rate.

For the benefits this plan offers extremely affordable monthly premium, also you still get access to Blue Cross’ enormous provider network in North Carolina

BlueOptions HSA

If you want catastrophic or major medical health insurance, just pure insurance for the big stuff then this is the plan you want.

Preventative care is still covered, just like with any other health plan.


cigna-health-plans-North-CarolinaCigna Individual Health Insurance in North Carolina

Cigna is an up-and-coming provider of affordable health insurance in NC.

They offer two types of health plans, a co-pay plan that offers office visits and medications covered at a co-pay which is called the open access.

They also offer a high deductible health plan called the health savings plan. Dental benefits are also available as an add-on for an additional premium.

Aetna-individual-health-insurance-North CarolinaAetna Health Insurance in North Carolina

You will find that Aetna is extremely similar to CIGNA in their plan design and underwriting guidelines. In fact the same people who used to run Aetna’s individual health insurance division, are the same folks who started Cigna’s individual health insurance departments in North Carolina.

Aetna called their health plans “Managed Care Open Access” followed by a number such as 3000, 2500, 5000..etc etc. The the number is the deductible on the medical plan.


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